New Beginning


I have started this month with a renewed resolve to quit. It’s just been two days and the urge to smoke is stronger than ever. My mouth is all sweetened up with hard candies to a point where it has now turned sickening. Every person I see smoking be it in real or on video makes me wanna kill myself. I have gotten all grouchy due to lack of nicotine but I tell myself that it’s just natural, the urges, the cravings they all will pass. Every time I want to smoke, I say ‘one more day, just one more’. Now my desire to quit seems strong, I can feel it. It is going to a long month and surely an exciting one. I wonder about the fight ahead, I know its gonna be brutal, but I don’t plan on losing, not now. Dying young isn’t an option, life is too fucking awesome to ruin it with smoke into ashes. This month is to living and living long. Cheers to a new beginning.

Till then…


Your Thoughts?

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