Kicking The Butt


There was a time when I used to say that I would do anything drugs, alcohol anything but I would never smoke. There was a time when I hated the very notion of smoking. And now look at the irony, me and my cancer stick are almost inseparable. And I hate myself for that. I am short, 5 4” to be exact. And because of this, because of my short stature people never took me seriously or considered me as “cool”. They used to look down upon me both figuratively and ofcourse literally. I so wanted to change that. I was depressed, frustrated and angry. And then my eyes feel upon that fucking cigarette. I saw it as a complete solution to all my problems. Smoking was cool and kinda macho. That’s what I wanted to be. So I started with one cigarette a day and before I knew it, I was down to a pack. I started falling sick more often, I started to lose weight and that made me look even smaller. That was the time it hit me. Smoking wasn’t helping, it was just making matters worse. So I decided to quit. And believe me if I had, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Like every other smoker, I tried quitting millions of times. Sometimes I used to go days without a cigarette and sometimes even an hour without it seemed eternity. No matter how hard I tried, I found myself back to that awful habit. Until a week ago when I came down with a horrible flu. It was bad, really bad. The truth I wasn’t even considering this right now, you know ‘quitting’. But last week made me realise that I have to quit this time and for real. So I am going to quit yet again and over this month & I am going to get over that fucking Marlboro. I know it is going to be difficult. It will probably be one of the most difficult things that I have done, but sure hell it isn’t impossible. So guys over the next month I’ll keep you posted about my experiences with it. And I hope for those of you out there who are trying to kill yourselves with this nasty habit find it in your hearts to kill it before it kills you. I hope that you relate with me and I hope that we all emerge out of that awful smoke as better human beings.

So if you want to quit, just do it, thinking isn’t gonna help in this department.

PS: Looks like I have to find other ways to be cool.    

Till then…




Your Thoughts?

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