Beddy Bye

Beddy Bye

There was a time when sleeping was fun, when sleeping was all we wanted to do. But now in this world of insomniacs sleep is frowned upon. People boast about the hours they stayed awake at night which are well into morning. And the problem is, not many do anything productive staying awake. The night time-table mostly consists of drinking, partying, watching movies and shit, social networking, surfing, and more social networking. Nighttime is like a war between sleep and internet and the sure winner is internet. Internet has given us restlessness of mind and soul. We are constantly thinking about our online identities be it facebook, twitter, tumblr or just instagram for that matter. No matter what we say, the truth is that we are obsessed with networking online and though this might sound as irony coming for a blogger like me, truth can’t be denied. We are going insane one night at a time. Our sleep schedules are worse than ever, our health is worse than ever and we are just pushing ourselves in wrong direction. Today record numbers of people are depressed all thanks to ourselves and our Apple toys.

On a more personal note, my sleep pattern is like roller coaster ride, changing all the time. There are times when I can’t sleep even if I want to and its scary. It feels like I’ve turned into an insomniac zombie and the scary part is that am 19. But that is still okay on some level but the day after is worse. The way I hate myself for getting up late, its like I want to kill myself for wasting the entire day. You see I sleep around 4-5 in the morning if it’s a normal night which might also turn into 7-8 in special cases like if am watching porn, if you know what I mean. So basically my waking time is well into afternoon. Now if even Batman can’t afford such sleep pattern how can I and not to forget that he was a billionaire, which of course I am not. And let me tell you there is nothing more depressing than the feeling of laying down doing nothing. True, you might not feel it when you are actually laying doing nothing but afterwards, when the haze of sleepiness have gone you see the piece of shit you are. I just hate that feeling. Sleep during the day is never rewarding. So even after sleeping for more 10 hours you don’t feel the wakefulness that you want to. And starting your day with your head feeling like Burger King burger isn’t fun.

Now enough of the bullshit let me come straight to the point. My first endeavor for this month is “sleeping early”. Now I have taken this coz I think it would be a little easy but only time would tell that. As for you guys I strongly suggest that if you are trying to counter depression or if stress has fucked you up then having a good night sleep is the first step to winning the battle. So just say “Beddy Bye” to yourself and go to sleep. In the later posts, I’ll share some of my experiences with sleeping early and some tips to help you through with it. And if you guys have any tips for me please do share.

Till then…


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