The Dumb Guy Formula

Hand working on equation

Why do we feel what we feel? Why is it that some people are happy and some are miserable? The fundamental reason for feeling miserable, for feeling sad is coz of the expectation that we have. And when those expectations are not met we become disappointed, we become depressed. Now some people say, just hell with those expectations, don’t keep aims and objectives, just go where life takes you. One such person who preached this philosophy was ‘Osho’. To tell you the truth to some extent I do agree with him. But let’s get real here. We are humans and we won’t just get over the feeling of having things, wanting things. That’s just the way we are taught to live. We just expect. We expect that the girl we like reciprocate our feelings. We expect that our friend will call us while going for a movie. We expect that our parents will understand us. We just keep on expecting. Now that feeling isn’t going, at least not so easily. So why not just make an environment where our expectations become reality. Why not lift our self to such a level where we get what we want. That’s what this blog is all about. It’s about getting what we want. It’s about getting what we deserve. It’s about living the life you deserve. But it’s also about something more. It’s about helping millions of people out there who are in the same bad place as I am right now. You see life is really short and in this short life of ours it’s not fair for us to go through it hating ourselves. Last year a friend of mine committed suicide. At that time I didn’t know what she was going through, none of us did. But now we know that she was sad, she was depressed, she was lonely. And now that I am going through the same I can understand how difficult it must have been for her. It’s hard, it’s damn hard, but we can change that.

I have lived long enough in this crappy life of mine and I am sure you guys have too. I have wasted enough time and I ain’t wasting it anymore. But the fundamental reason why our life sucks is because of the choices we make, the decisions we take and the things we do. Having said that the first thing what we need to do to change our life, is to change ourselves. We all know what is right and what is wrong. We all know the things that we should do, the things we are ought to do, but we still don’t do them. Why? I don’t know why. Maybe we are lazy, maybe we are crazy or maybe we are just assholes. But what I do know is that it’s never too late to start. You wanted to learn French, but you didn’t. It doesn’t fucking matter, start now it’s never too late and even if it is, even if you think it’s late, isn’t it more of a reason that you should do it. This, all of this, its very less than you’d like to think. Sand is slipping, and its gonna get over even before you understand it. I have already lived one third of my life and its gone even before I could blink my eye. And the remaining two thirds are going to go faster. You just have to make it matter somehow. No matter what they say happiness comes for achievements. At the end of the day it’s what we have done that will matter, not what we said we’ll do. For most of us, we have these grand dreams that we want to achieve but that’s not how things work. You have to start small. It’s okay to dream big, we all dream big but you have to start and you have to start small. If you decide to climb Mt Everest, you first have to climb small mountains or else you’ll give up one your very first step.

So the Dumb Guy Formula is basically about starting and starting small. You see if we change our habits, if we change the things we do or if we start doing new things we start to experience the world differently. That’s because we start to feel different about ourselves and hence the world. We open up to so many new and wonderful things that we didn’t even knew existed. And it helps. It helps a lot. So what I am going to do is that I am going to start a new endeavor every month and I am going to continue doing it for the rest of my life. It’s not that complicated. It might be as simple as drinking more water every day. True, its very small but that one little thing has the potential to change your life forever. I know it might sound a little overrated, but the things, which matter, are the ones, which we thought never will. And that’s what the Dumb Guy Formula is.

Dumb Guy Formula = New Endeavor Every Month.     

In my next blog, I’ll tell you about the endeavor that I have decided to take on. And I actually hope that you guys do the same. I hope that we’ll all together change a little, live a little and leave behind a legacy to follow. And who knows we just might be able to help each other in that. After all, I am just like you guys, trying to figure it all out.

Till then…


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